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"This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you"

John 15:12

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Their Dreams, Our Dreams, We can Help


Are you fortunate enough to have an education?

It is a sad truth that our beloved Philippines has so many out of school children. You can find these children in the streets of Metro Manila begging, wiping shoes in jeepneys, peddling cigarettes and candies, doing hard labor and other sorts of things instead of going to school.

Every street child wants to be out of such miserable situation and they could attain such if these youths have a chance of attaining education. Its a dream they may not be able to say out loud in our faces but you can find that desire to learn deep in their hearts. This is Their Dream.

My friend Jerry Villeta recounts how some of the street kids would go to his place to clean the creek and ask a small amount of money for them to go to school. Each of those kids needs 34 pesos each day for their transportation expense to go to school. 

My beloved Krissy once had an experience about a street kid sitting in the back entrance of a jeepney. It was late already and this kid is still awake when he should be sleeping. My Krissy gave her 50 pesos hoping that this kid would get a decent dinner but didn't get any reply from the kid. When it was time for the jeepney to leave the kid step down and said "Tenk you po!!!" My beloved realized that these kid's main aim is survival. 

Most of the time we brush off these kids thinking they might be a "syndikato" that is why we advice not to give them money but instead food. But again these kids as I said have dreams. What if with our small donation we can give these street children a chance at life? 

This is Our Dream. A helping hand for these less fortunate to survive and be someone in the future. 

One plan is a feeding program this coming December and another is "adopt a poor boy/girl program."

On our own we cannot do anything about the problem but with your help we can do something about it.

Please help us in making Their Dream and Our Dream possible. Suggestions on how to start this project would greatly help. Sharing ideas of how you have helped in the same manner is highly solicited. You can leave your ideas or stories by leaving your comments or by contacting us via email:

Jerry Villeta

Louis Delos Angeles

Or make a donation via Paypal  by clicking the donate button below

The solution to the world's problem is not a single big action by an individual but a small action by all of us who can change the lives of others.



krissy said...

Thank you hubby! ^^

Hey everyone, please support the Adopt a Poor Boy Program ^^

Thanks much and God bless your heart! ^^



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