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"This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you"

John 15:12

Friday, November 25, 2011

Feeding Program in partnership with Tulay sa Pagunlad Inc.

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I hope I don't disappoint you on this because this is my personal story just recently and also like any other moment that we as humans will encounter when given choices.

As everybody knows today is Black Friday in America and nearly all stores are on sale since midnight. Well yesterday while waiting for the Thanksgiving dinner at my brother-in-law's parents house one of his nephews(who is by the way the same age as I am) told us that there is a sale laptop at Kmart. With the specs we noted that its a good price deal at $47.000 and I look at Kmart's catalog for the Black Friday at another think caught my eye. Its a Nikon D3000.


It has been a dream to one day own an SLR camera. Back then all I can do is to stare at those who has one while they tweak their lenses before taking the shot. As years passed my kabalens(our term for my dear fellow seminarians and ex-seminarians of Mary Help of Christians High School/Minor Seminary) have their own and scattered as we are, some are in Canada(like Ian Rayray), 

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some in Dubai, some became priest and as they are assigned to far flung places they have their camera capturing good moments and nature's landscape,God's beautiful creations. While me I am stuck with my humble Pentax Optio although it is good enough that DJ Cure of 101.9 FM Megamixx here in Guam ask what SLR I am using when I posted some snapshots of my Cocos Island adventure with my co-workers.

Ok lets get back tot he topic.

So I told my beloved Krissy and she asked how much would it be in pesos   and I told her it would be around 20,000.00 pesos and there was silence in the other side of line. I called out to her and she said she fainted with the price(just to exaggerate a little). Then I came back to m sense.

Yes I can buy a SLR camera even better than Nikon D3000 like the Canon Rebel t3i but if I do so what would I sacrifice? Yup I can easily have back $470.00 in a month but the thing is right now it is just a dream or to make it precise it is a want.
There are other things more important than a camera and by the way I still have my handy dandy Pentax Optio, 


just needed some lithium batteries for my vacation this coming December. And more importantly would it be better if instead of buying my wants why not give it to those who are in need the most?

Friend the story above is my story of self-control and a story of sacrifice as well.

Me, my beloved Krissy, and a bunch of friends organized a one day feeding program in partnership with Tulay sa Pag-unlad Inc. (

Tulay sa Pag-unlad Inc. is  a gospel-driven, microfinance NGO, whose mission is to provide individuals and communities the opportunities to  experience fullness of life through small and micro-enterprise development. They provide the poor with opportunities to lead self-sufficient, responsible and dignified lives, through a broad range of microfinance services for micro and small enterprise development.

Information of the feeding program are below:

Organizer: Our small group & Tulay sa Pagunlad Inc.
Venue: Taguig City(exact location to follow)
Who will benefit: 70 kids and families
Target date: December  11,2011 Sunday

Our initial plan was to distribute some school supplies and rice in the streets of Quezon City but due to the busy schedules my beloved Krissy contacted Tulay sa Pagunlad Inc. and they have this feeding program. Also initially the plan was for a simple feeding for kids with a Jollibee meal and some school supplies but the organizer humbly ask if we can cover also the parents that will accompany their kids. 

With the budget we have(we ask 70 volunteers from our friends who will shoulder 100 pesos for the kid and another 100 for themselves)  the additional parent might not be covered. And so with your kind heart we would like to ask your help.

I know I might have fooled you with my story above but I hope you do understand.

That is why I am foregoing my dream of a SLR camera to serve a better cause. I know it might hurt since you are making a sacrifice and that a small and one time feeding program might not make that  big impact in these children's lives but how about you would it make a difference in your life if you donated to a cause and made a small child happy even for a day? 

Again we humbly ask for your help. 

Any amount of money or in kind, or probably even a referral to a caterer who can help us work out our budget or a wholesaler who can give us discount on the giveaways that we are giving on   December 11 is already a great help. Also your sharing this blog post or request to your friends in your social network like Facebook or Google Plus or even in your email list is already a big help.
For your donations you can deposit it to my beloved Krissy's accounts:

Account name: Krissy
BPI Rufino Makati Branch: 
BDO Cubao QC Branch :

Metrobank Rufino Makati Branch :
Please email her at  or at  with your donation amount, your name, and ways to contact you.

Also for those who would like to donate via Paypal 

and contact me through my email at

As for those who can give us referral please email us name and contact number so that we can directly communicate with them.

We need:

  1. A caterer or somebody who can cook the meal we are planning and would help us with our limited budget.
  2. Supplier of milk and vitamins for the kids
  3. Supplier of bread or groceries for the family

We thank you in advance for your donation and help in making this small feeding program a successful event. We may not be able to repay your help but we pray that God will bless you more.



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